Curious how Ordo serves school lunch? Well, the process is actually quite simple!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Families order online
  2. Chefs prepare
  3. Schools distribute

Order Online

Using our online ordering system, families place their orders a week or more in advance.

To place an order, simply login to view what’s on the menu. You can filter the menu based on location, date range, and dietary restrictions.

Then, select which items and upgrades you’d like each day and add them to your cart. Lastly, review your order for the week and checkout.

Chefs Prepare

Once orders have been placed online, the local kitchens that we partner with prepare the meals and individually package them.

After they are individually packed in containers, they are labeled and transported to the school. As soon as the meals arrive at the school, they are stored at temperature until lunchtime.

Schools Distribute

When lunchtime rolls around, the meals are distributed to students via our on-site kiosks.

At the kiosk, students have the option to scan a bar code, QR code, or manually enter their student ID number. After that, they’ll be able to see their order for the day to confirm and receive their lunch.

And that’s how we serve school lunch!