Interested in how Ordo builds individual menus for each of the schools that we work with? Well, here is our process for creating unique menus with incredibly delicious meals!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify Vendor(s)
  2. Plan
  3. Publish

Identify Vendor(s)

To build a menu that your school and community will absolutely love, we start by identifying vendors in the local area. Then, we reach out to them and collect some information to see who would be a great fit. After that, we narrow down the best options and send an Ordo team member out to meet the vendor and sample the food. Finally, we select a vendor(s) with much assurance that they are the right fit for your school.


After we’ve selected a vendor(s), we begin planning a menu that will accommodate the individual needs of your school. We strive to have 15+ meal options that we can rotate throughout a semester, that way there’s always plenty of variety. Once we’ve drafted a menu in collaboration with the vendor(s), we share it with your school for final approval.


When your school has approved the menu and is excited about what’s being offered, we create a calendar with what will be offered each day of the semester. We assign menu items to specific dates for your school and publish the menu accordingly.