Many school districts are raising student meal prices due to inflation, and unfortunately, prices are likely to continue rising. Like many others, you might be wondering why. The good news is we at Ordo have got some answers for you, including a better way for schools to get the lunches they need.

Pandemic Relief Will Expire Soon

One of the primary reasons that school lunch prices will continue to rise is that an emergency measure enacted at the start of the pandemic is set to expire on July 1st. At the start of the pandemic, schools were offered $4.56 in federal reimbursement for each meal served. When the emergency measure expires, schools will only receive $3.75, which will be a large loss for many school districts across the nation.

Energy Prices Will Stay High

The price of gas, coal, and electricity has reached the highest in decades, which has impacted many things, including food. Trucking is the primary mode of transportation for food, so if energy prices stay high, so will food prices.

One reason for the soaring costs of energy is the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting sanctions. Labor shortages throughout the pandemic are another reason for the skyrocketing price of energy. Yet another reason school lunch prices are rising.

Climate Change Is Affecting Crop Yield

Extreme weather conditions also play a role in the high food prices affecting school lunch programs across the nation. Rising temperatures are likely to increase drought, flooding, and fire, which would significantly impact crop yields.

For example, an unprecedented heatwave in India recently cut down wheat production. Wheat was also curtailed in China when growing regions were hit by major flooding.

What Does This Mean for School Lunch Programs In The Fall?

The fact of the matter is that school lunch prices will most likely keep going up, which means more stress for school administrators. Making sure that cafeterias are serviced properly will be increasingly more difficult.

A Solution For Next Fall

Fortunately, Ordo is a stress-free way for schools to get the lunches that they need. We are a K-12 food delivery service that partners with local chefs, restaurants, and caterers to provide schools with heavenly, homemade, meals. The best part is, that we take care of everything in terms of managing cafeterias at no additional cost.