Finding local school lunch vendors who can meet your cafeteria’s requirements can be a difficult task. Oftentimes, they don’t have a web presence, and it’s hard to tell what the quality of the food will be. At Ordo we’re familiar with these challenges, so we vetted 100+ vendors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and created a list of our top three. These vendors consistently exceed expectations in terms of providing delicious meals that students will devour!

Spa 68 Cafe

FAITH Grand Rapids — June 2022

Spa 68 Cafe’s mission is to optimize child nourishment and development as well as teach a deeper understanding and relationship with food. It’s directed by Jared Veldheer, who spent a decade in the NFL. In his time as a professional football player, Jared learned that food can be as delicious as it is nourishing, which is evident in the food he serves today. Ordo shares many of the same values with Spa 68 Cafe, which is why we have selected them as one of the top school lunch vendors in Grand Rapids, MI.

Van Eerden Foodservice

Van Eerden Foodservice 2022 Spring Show

Van Eerden Foodservice is a school lunch vendor that goes way beyond simply delivering ingredients to your school. They place a special emphasis on meeting their clients’ needs by providing fresh ideas, products, and solutions. Another thing we like about Van Eerden Foodservice is that it’s family-owned and operated since 1920! At Ordo, family is something that we appreciate equally and is just one of the many reasons we’ve included them as a top vendor in your area.


Ordo: Mac & Trees and BBQ Box

Last but not least is Ordo! We are a K-12 food delivery service that can handle the stress of managing your school’s lunch program. Ready for the best part? It’s with no added cost! We do so by partnering with local restaurants, chefs, and caterers, like those in this article, to deliver 4-6 menu items daily.