Finding school lunch vendors in your area that will satisfy your cafeteria’s needs can be a bit of a headache. They don’t often have a web presence, and it's hard to know what the quality of the food will be. At Ordo, we get it, so we vetted 100+ providers in Detroit, Michigan, and assembled a list of the best. These three consistently exceed expectations with mouthwatering homestyle meals that students absolutely love.

Alia’s Catering

Alia's Catering: Chicken Shawarma

Based in Southfield, Alia’s Catering offers a great selection of the traditional Mediterranean and American specialties. Even better, almost all of the menu items are made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. As a result, the father and son company has been servicing catering needs for over 30 years now! This is why we’ve partnered with them at Ordo to bring your school delicious homestyle options.

Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza: Wood-Fired Pepperoni Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza, located in Birmingham, serves up authentic, wood-fired pizzas inspired by those you’d find in Brooklyn, New York. Their pizzas are crafted using the freshest, quality ingredients and cooked in an open-flame wood-burning oven. Yum! Brooklyn Pizza is also incredibly accommodating, with gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. They are a staple within the community, and in partnership with Ordo, a staple within the schools that we service.

TruFood Management

TruFood Management: Salad Bar

TruFood Management is a full-service, on-site, restaurant company offering new and creative alternatives to classic food items. Drawing from local foods in the area, they provide authentic, nutritional, and culturally diverse foods. We place equal importance on educating and preparing healthy options for students, which is why we’ve partnered up to reimagine the cafeteria as we know it!


Ordo: Chicken Shawarma, Brooklyn Pizza, Buttered Noodles, Fruit Cup, Mac & Trees

Ordo can handle the stress of managing your lunch program, with no added cost. Interested in how we do it? We partner with local restaurants, chefs, and caterers to make homestyle meals for your school. We offer 4-6 menu items daily & cycle menus weekly while maintaining allergen-safe options.