It can be a tedious task finding school lunch vendors in your region that meet your cafeteria’s needs. More often than not they don’t have a web presence and you have no clue whether the food is any good or not. We know this all too well at Ordo, so we vetted 100+ providers in Columbus, Ohio, and created a list of the best. These three vendors go above and beyond in terms of providing incredible school lunches that are full of flavor!

Arlene’s Cuisine

Arlene's Cuisine: Cobb Salad

Arlene’s Cuisine is a school lunch vendor that offers healthy, nutritious catered meals to community schools, charter schools and private schools throughout Ohio. Founded in Columbus in 1955, Arelene’s is renowned for their taste, freshness, quality, and above all, nutrition. Similar to Ordo, they are a complete food service solution, built around the unique needs of your cafeteria.

Normandy Catering

Normandy Catering: Sicilian Grinder

Normandy Catering’s is one of the most respected school food services in all of Northeastern Ohio. With their award-winning cuisine, they exceed expectations by a far! Their cross-functional staff of culinary, marketing, design, merchandising, and promotional experts can take care of almost anything! We know what that takes, which is why we’ve listed Normandy Catering as one of the best in your area.


Ordo: Nugs & Mac and Turkey Mashed Potatoes

Interested in both of these vendors servicing your school? We can make it happen. Ordo is a K-12 food delivery service that partners with local restaurants, chefs, and caterers to provide your school with mouthwatering homestyle meals that families will love. We offer 4-6 menu items daily & cycle menus weekly, from a variety of providers just like these ones!